Welcome to WINFOCUS World Congress 2024

This year’s congress, UNITED WE SCAN, emphasizes how PoCUS fosters unity while embracing diversity and respecting individuality.
In these unprecedented times, as the world faces numerous challenges, the importance of unity, medical advances, and global education in healthcare has never been more evident. This congress serves as a beacon of hope and collaboration, uniting healthcare professionals from across the globe in a shared mission to advance medical knowledge and improve patient care through the transformative power of PoCUS.

In this year’s annual congress we will delve into the latest advancements in PoCUS, exploring cutting-edge techniques, emerging technologies, and innovative applications in various medical specialties. From cardiology to emergency medicine, from pediatrics to critical care, our diverse program reflects the broad scope and versatility of PoCUS in modern healthcare.

Immerse yourself in two full days with three tracks and two-hour sessions featuring a mix of pre-recorded presentations, live panel discussions, and Q&A sessions where speakers will engage with live questions from the audience, fostering interactive learning experiences. Enjoy multi-language sessions in Spanish and Portuguese, and join us for the Point-of-Care One-World Workshops (POW!) as we aim to beat our previous record of 1734 students completing overlapping workshops over a 36-hour period around December 3 (World Ultrasound Day).

What’s new?

  • Debates: Experience lively passionate arguments, challenges, and counterpoints backed by research and conviction. Engage in respectful dialogue, gain insights, and broaden perspectives as ideas clash. Don’t miss this captivating event where minds sharpen in the crucible of debate.
  • Poster and Oral Presentations: Don’t miss the dedicated poster oral presentations throughout the event with top researchers showcasing their work.
  • Collaborative Track with SUSME: Explore a specialized track developed in partnership with the Society for Ultrasound in Medical Education (SUSME), delving into the latest advancements in ultrasound education.

At WINFOCUS, our mission is clear: to reach out and spread medical knowledge worldwide, transcending geographical boundaries and fostering a community of learning and innovation. With a Vision of creating a world where every individual has access to quality healthcare, we are dedicated to equipping healthcare professionals with the tools and skills they need to make informed clinical decisions and positively impact patient outcomes.

So let’s put the it right out there: United we scan, learn, teach, collaborate and grow professionally!

Adrian VK Wong- London - UK
Adrian Wong

WINFOCUS Symposium Chair
Consultant Intensive Care and Anaesthesia
King’s College Hospital
London – UK

Gabriele Via
Gabriele Via

WINFOCUS Symposium Chair
WINFOCUS Past-President
Senior Consultant
Cardiac Anesthesia and Intensive Care
Istituto Cardiocentro Ticino
Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale

Anthony J. Dean
Anthony J. Dean

WINFOCUS Symposium Co-Chair
WINFOCUS President
Emeritus Professor of Emergency Medicine and of Emergency Medicine in Radiology
Division of Emergency Ultrasonography
Department of Emergency Medicine
University of Pennsylvania Medical Center
Philadelphia, PA – USA

Scientific committee

Julina Noor
Congress Chair
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Francesco Corradi
Co Chair
Pisa, Italy
Hamid Shokoohi
Co Chair
Boston, USA

Magali Gauthey
Co Chair
Geneve, Switzerland
Dave Teng
Co Chair
New York, USA
Chris Fox
Co Chair

Organizing committee

Anthony J Dean
WINFOCUS president
Philadelphia, USA
Gabriele Via
WINFOCUS former President
Lugano, Switzerland
Davide Neri
Co Chair
Barcelona, Spain

Cristina Recasens
Co Chair
Barcelona, Spain
Marina Guzman
Barcelona, Spain
Quim Fuster
WINFOCUS Secretariat
Barcelona, Spain

Research forum committee

Nour Al- Jalbout
Research forum Chair
Boston, USA
Larry Melniker
Research forum Co Chair
New York, USA

Peiman Nazerian
Research forum Co Chair
Florence, Italy