Agit Akgül

Agit Akgül

 Dr. Agit Akgül

I am Dr. Agit Akgül from Türkiye. I am 31 years old and I have been working as an emergency medicine specialist in Istanbul Professor. Dr. Cemil Taşcıoğlu City Hospital.

I graduated from Çanakkale 18 Mart University Faculty of Medicine in 2015.

I completed my residency training programme in Izmir Kâtip Çelebi University Hospital Emergency Medicine Clinic in 2020.

Moreover I am a member of the ultrasound working group of Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey (EMAT).

Additionally I am a member of the executive board of EMAT ultrasound section and working as a social media coordinator since 2017 and instructor.

I have been assigned by EMAT executive board in some other national congress and symposium in Turkey.

I was a member of organizing committee EMAT Ultrasonography Symposium (22-24 February 2019, Turkey).

My personal interests in emergency medicine are ultrasonography, critical care management and cardiac emergencies.

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