Burcu Azapoğlu Kaymak

Burcu Azapoğlu Kaymak

Burcu Azapoğlu Kaymak, MD

Dr. Kaymak is an Attending Physician in the department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Health Sciences, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Education and Research Hospital, and ultrasound instructor and the vice president of the US Section of EMAT.

During her 3 years as vice president, she organized more than 30 basic and advanced ultrasound courses in Turkey.

Ultrasound instructor with more than 7 years of experience providing point-of-care ultrasound for critically-ill patients and assisting in training new residents, paramedics, and students through participation in courses.

Her main education and research interests include diaphragm and lung ultrasound, ultrasound guided procedures, and point-of-care ultrasound in critically ill patients.

Her clinical practice mainly involves the care of a wide variety of medical conditions, including trauma resuscitations, cardiac arrests, acute coronary syndromes, strokes, and other life-threatening illnesses.

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