Cecilia Acosta

Cecilia Acosta

Dr Cecilia Acosta, M.D.

Cecilia M. Acosta is a Specialist Consultant in Anaesthesia at Private Community Hospital, Argentine.

Her anaesthesia training includes a Fellowship in Paediatric Anaesthesia at Lapeyronie Hospital, Montpellier, France; and Liver Transplantation training at Paul Brousse Hospital, Paris, France.

Coordinator of Perioperative Ultrasound area in LASRA International.

Her main research activity is focused on paediatric mechanical ventilation, lung ultrasound, heart-lung interactions and point-of-care ultrasound in the perioperative care. Author and co-author of papers and textbook chapters in the lung ultrasound field.

Participation in national and international Congress as a speaker and instructor in workshops on Point-of-Care Ultrasound.

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