Chengzhong PENG

Chengzhong PENG

Prof. Chengzhong PENG

Director of Interventional Ultrasound Center of the Shanghai Tenth People´s Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University, Chief Physician, Master Supervisor.


Head of Youth Group of the Ultrasound Medicine Expert Committee of the National Health and Health Commission

Member of Interventional Group of the Ultrasound Medicine Branch of the Chinese Medical Association

Chairman of POC Ultrasound Committee of the Ultrasound Equipment Technology Branch of the Chinese Medical Equipment Association

Vice Chairman of Reproductive Health Committee of the Chinese Society of Ultrasound Engineering

Member of the CKD-MBD Group of the Blood Purification Professional Committee of the Chinese Research Hospital Association.

Ambassador of POC Ultrasound Academy of Inteleos(USA) in China

Professional Speciality:

Engaged in ultrasound medicine for 30 years, specializing in interventional ultrasound(skill in parathyroid ablation), reproductive ultrasound, POC ultrasound, and ultrasound education.

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