Christofer Muhr

Christofer Muhr

Dr. Christofer Muhr

I work at Capio S:t Gorans Hospital in Stockholm which is one of Swedens largest emergency hospital AND the only privately owned emergency hospital in Sweden.

About 15 years ago me and colleagues started one of Swedens first ultrasound education programme which has evolved into Swedens most reknowned ultrasound academy.

At work I do shift in the ER, our Critical care unit and observational unit. My main interest in POCUS use is education, cardiac, lung and vascular ultrasound and vascular access.

At our hospital we have started POCUS education programmes for nurses and the use of ultrasound guided peripheral vascular access is really spreading.

I have done a lot of work abround with great colleagues and friends in the Ultrasound Leadership Academy, AAEM, MEMC, EUSEM and more.

One of my best memories is when we organized Sonoscandinavia 2014 at a Japanese spa in Stockholm for more than 110 attendants.

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