Corina Puppo

Corina Puppo

Dr. Corina Puppo, M.D.

Honorary Professor. Intensive Care Unit, Clinics Hospital, Universidad de la Republica School of Medicine. Prof. Corina Puppo is a University Professor, at Hospital de Clinicas, Universidad de la Republica School of Medicine, Montevideo, Uruguay.

She is an Intensive Care Specialist, Internist and Emergentologist. She has worked at the Intensive Care Unit and the Emergency Department at University Hospital de Clinicas in Montevideo.

She has specialized in cerebral circulation through transcranial Doppler and multiple neuromonitoring, including NIRS. She has addressed brain acute illnesses through multiple roles (treating intensivist, ICU coordinator, clinical researcher, University professor).

She has authored or co-authored multiple publications on acute neurological injury, cerebral autoregulation, multiple neuromonitoring. She is a researcher from the National Research Agency (ANII) in Uruguay.

She coordinates the research group in ICU neuromonitoring at Clinics Hospital. She is a founding member of the Cerebral Autoregulation Net, and founding member and ex-president of the Latin American Brain Injury Consortium (LABIC). She is a Reviewer of Neurocritical Care Journal.

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