Dmitry Gavrilenko

Dmitry Gavrilenko

Dmitry Gavrilenko MD

Dr. Dmitry Gavrilenko graduated from Gomel State Medical University in 2006.

In 2015 he has a specialization in clinical pharmacology and he is a co-investigator in clinical medication trials.

Since 2016, he has been promoting the introduction of bedside ultrasound in the practice of a therapist. He received a Master’s Degree in medical sciences in Internal Medicine in the Belarusian State Medical University (2018).

During the COVID 19 epidemic, a variant of the lung ultrasound protocol he developed to quickly triage patients by severity of interstitial changes in the lung parenchyma.

He is actively teaching at the Medical University. Dmitry Gavrilenko is presently a therapist in Diagnostic Department at Republican Research Center for Radiation Medecine and Human Ecology (Gomel, Belarus).

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