Eduardo R Argaiz

Eduardo R Argaiz

Dr. Eduardo R. Argaiz

Eduardo R Argaiz is an Internist and Nephrology Fellow at the Mexican National Institutes of Health with a PhD in Renal Physiology.

He is Professor of Critical Care Echocardiography at the National Institute of Cardiology in Mexico City and Director of the POCUS in Nephrology course at Universidad de Buenos Aires – Argentina

His main interest is the use of POCUS for hemodynamic monitoring and evaluation of venous congestion.

He has published several scientific papers on these topics and has given numerous international lectures at several academic centers including the Cleveland Clinic, University of Pennsylvania, MetroHealth Medical Center, and The Madrid Society of Nephrology, amongst others.

Dr Argaiz has also recently participated as faculty at the 2022 American Society of Nephrology – POCUS in Nephrology Early Program

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