Fiza Yezid

Fiza Yezid

Dr Fiza Yezid M.D.

Dr Fiza Yezid is a highly trained Emergency Physician currently hold position as Head of Emergency Unit in Hospital Jitra Kedah.

Graduated as M.D from University of Science Malaysia in 2005 and postgraduate as MEmMed (Master of Emergency Medicine) from University of Malaya in 2014.

She started her carreer as medical doctor in Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah (Hospital Alor Setar then) .

Have passion in teaching and publication, interest in critical care ultrasound both paeds and adults.

Apart from journal publication, she also is the main author of Simple Guide to Point Of Care Ultrasound book which so far sold about 2400 copies locally since 2021, and the EBOOK is available for free in Apple Bookstore.

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