Francesca M Trovato

Francesca M Trovato

Dr Francesca M Trovato, PhD

I am an experienced translational researcher currently working as Senior Clinical Fellow in Liver Intensive Care at King’s College Hospital in London.

Since the early stages of my career, I have combined research experience with clinical work. I started my training in ultrasonography in 2009 and achieved both the Italian National Diploma in Clinical Ultrasound in 2010 and the Italian National Diploma in Thoracic Ultrasound in 2015.

I performed studies on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and obesity, including dietary intervention, and ultrasound-based diagnostics, in particular elastography and contrast enhanced ultrasound. 

I have also experience in animal models, this was the topic of my PhD.

I then moved to King’s College to increase my skills in immunology and liver failure pathophysiology. 

I am collaborating to a translational project on immunometabolism in sepsis and liver diseases, and in parallel I am also investigating the role of transcranial doppler and elastography in acute liver failure syndromes. 

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