Funda Karbek Akarca

Funda Karbek Akarca

Funda Karbek Akarca, MD

She completed her emergency medicine specialty residency in 2005 at the Dokuz Eylul School of Medicine.

She started working as an EM specialist at Izmir Atatürk Training and Research Hospital.

She worked during the establishment of Emergency Medicine clinics in İzmir. In 2010, she started to work as a faculty member in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Ege University.

She was the founding member of the Ultrasonography Working Group of the Turkish Emergency Medicine Association and served as its chairman for 2 terms.

She is one of the editors of the books “Emergency Ultrasonography” and “Emergency Ultrasonography Pocket Book”.

Apart from being a member of the editorial board of the Anatolian Journal of Emergency Medicine, she continues to work as a referee in many medical journals.

She also works as an instructor in disaster and critical patient care working groups. She continues her duty as Assistant Chief Physician at Ege University Medical Faculty Hospital.

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