Hannah Conway

Hannah Conway

Hannah Conway MSc ACCP AFHEA

Hannah is an Advanced Critical Care Practitioner and A/Professor in Advanced Clinical Practice, University of Nottingham UK.

Hannah specialises in critical care echocardiography and ultrasound and sits on the committee for Focussed Ultrasound in Intensive Care (FUSIC), taking a lead role in FUSIC Heart.

Hannah is an approved supervisor and examiner for multiple accredited programmes, including BSE and has over a decade of experience in ultrasound education.

Hannah is a keen clinical researcher and is currently conducting a study into the use of telemedicine to aid echocardiography mentoring on intensive care. Another research interest is characterisation of right ventricular (RV) injury.

Hannah is co-chair for PRORVnet, an international RV centric research network and is proud to be an RV defender!

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