Jason Williams

Jason Williams

Jason Phillip Williams, MD

As a hospitalist, Jason Williams, oversees the training of residents and medical students caring for hospitalized veterans at the Atlanta VA medical Center.

He also serves as Director of Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) for the Department of Medicine.

POCUS is heralded as the new stethoscope, and provides more accurate and timely care than the traditional physical exam. By training and credentialing Emory faculty and residents in POCUS, he aims to improve care of Atlantas veterans.

His research focuses on medical education and measuring the impact of POCUS curriculum on learners and patients.

Before coming to Emory, he founded and directed the UCLA Procedure Service. In this role he trained faculty and residents in ultrasound-guided procedures and directly performed or supervised over 1000 procedures during his tenure. He continues to teach procedures and POCUS at national conferences across the country.

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