Jing Liu

Jing Liu

Prof. Dr.Jing Liu,PhD, M.D.

Prof.Dr.Jing Liu,PhD,MD,is the Director of Department of Neonatology and NICU,Beijing Chaoyang District Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital.

He is good at neonatal intensive critical care, neonatal brain ultrasound and lung ultrasound.Recent 10 years, Dr.Liujing focuses on the research of neonatal lung diseases diagnosis using ultrasound.Since March 2017,in his Department of Neonatology and NICU,lung ultrasound has been completely replaced X-ray for the diagnosis of neonatal lung diseases.

His academic positions include the Associate Chairman of Chinese Neonatologist Association,the Chairman of Chinese Maternal-originated neonatal disease research Specialized Committee, the Associate Chairman of Beijing Neonatologist Association, and the Editorial members of more than 30 Chinese and English Journals.

Dr.Liujing has published more than 300 papers, over 12 books (including Neonatal Lung Ultrasonography) and Chapters in Books.

His research work has been supported by China Natural Science Foundation etc., and he has won 12 awards for science and technology of the government of China.

Topic 1. Lung Ultrasound in the Management of neonatal RDS 2. Lung ultrasound completely replacing of chest X-ray to diagnose neonatal pulmonary diseases: the feasibility and necessity.

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