José-Ramón Alonso-Viladot

José-Ramón Alonso-Viladot

Dr. José-Ramón Alonso-Viladot

José-Ramón Alonso-Viladot, better known everywhere as “Jay”, born the 28 th of september 1968, in Barcelona.

Interested in human knowledge and life, chose study medicine, but shared time playing piano, travelling, and tasting good food & wines.

Medicine Doctor and PhD, with primary specialty in Internal Medicine, Master in Critical Care & Emergency Medicine, working and lecturing mainly in Emergency & Intensive Care Medicine.

Nowadays, Consultant in the Emergency Department, Hospital Clínic Barcelona. Associate professor of Universitat de Barcelona, Master’s in medical education, and Simulation instructor.

Discovering point-of-care ultrasound in early 2000’s, after some formal but a lot of self-study and assay-and-error learning, started as ultrasound instructor in spanish courses, mentored by Dr Ramón Nogué, the former spanish leader in POCUS. WINFOCUS member and collaboration since 2011, member of 8 th WWC Barcelona organising committee, and co-founder of WINFOCUS Iberia, helping to introduce POCUS in bachelor’s and master’s degree levels.

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