Juan Carlos Chachques

Juan Carlos Chachques

Juan Carlos Chachques, MD, PhD

Cardiac surgeon and associate professor of Surgical Sciences, is Director of the Cardiac Bioassist Unit at the Laboratory of Biosurgical Research (Pompidou Hospital), Paris University and Alain Carpentier Foundation.

Graduated MD in Argentine, obtained MS and PhD at Paris University.

He is member of the Research Ethics Committee, University of Paris.

After cardiac surgery training in France he developed Cardiac Bioassist procedures (cardiomyoplasty, aortomyoplasty, electrostimulated cellular CMP, bioartificial myocardium, bio-prostheses for ventricular assist and myocardial regeneration).

Honors: Chevalier French Order Legion of Honor, Member of the European Interdisciplinary Academy of Sciences (AEIS).

Prizes: French Academy Surgery, French Academy Sciences, French Academy Medicine, Life Member NY Academy Sciences, and Doctor Honoris Causa: Hon PhD Universities of Rosario, Cordoba and Buenos Aires-Moron, Argentine.

He was the French partner of the European FP7 Project RECATABI (Regeneration of Cardiac Tissue Assisted by Bioactive Implants) and the French Delegate in the BIONECA Project of the European COST Action (Cooperation in Science and Technolofy). JC Chachques is the inventor and owner of 10 USA and international patents.

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