Justin Bowra

Justin Bowra

Dr Justin Bowra FACEM CCPU

Dr Bowra is an emergency physician, hopeless sonophile and resident ultrasound tragic at Royal North Shore Hospital, where he does his best with co-lead Dr Minh-Tu Duong to get his colleagues and trainee doctors to clean the probes, look after the machines and generally take POCUS more seriously than he did as a trainee.

He is a big fan of WINFOCUS, not least because that’s where he first learned about Lung US!

He also loves telemedicine, and in 2016 founded My Emergency Dr, a 24/7 emergency telemedicine service based in Australia.

He is a published author, but sadly just textbooks, and his dream of writing The Great Australian Novel (or at least pamphlet) remains unfulfilled for now. He is a doting husband and parent, and his wife and daughter say he should get out more. He’s a top bloke and definitely did not write this bio.

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