Laura Hurtado

Laura Hurtado

Dr. Laura Hurtado, M.D.

Doctor Laura Hurtado is a pediatric sonologist with extensive experience in teaching.

She is on the faculty of the ESCS UNCPBA in Argentina.

She is responsible for teaching clinical ultrasound to undergraduates in the Medical School in both basic sciences and clinical clerkships as well as the residency programs in pediatrics and radiology.

Her clinical practice is as an imaging specialist in ultrasound, with most of her time spent in pediatrics.

Dr Hurtado has had extensive experience as an international leader and organizer of Point- of-Care ultrasound. She has had an organizing role in ultrasound training courses in Sri Lanka, India, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Spain, Indonesia, Slovenia, and Dubai, as well as innumerable programs in in her home country.

She is a long-standing member of the Board of Directors of WINFOCUS.

She has been involved in funded PoCUS ultrasound education research projects in Minas Gerais, Brazil and has worked on international committees to develop testing standards and pathways for sonologists in Latin America.

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