Luis Campos Caubet

Luis Campos Caubet

Dr Luis Campos Caubet, M.D.

Specialty in Family and Community Medicine duration four years in the teaching center UDMFYC Cantabria Torrelavega area.

Medical emergency service attached to the Regional Hospital Sierrallana in Torrelavega from 2005 to the present.

Medical Helicopter rescuer Government of Cantabria 112 from 2005 to the present.

Coordinator Instructor workgroup of ultrasound in Cantabria in the Spanish society of emergency since 2013.

Winfocus Iberia member and instructor in basic life support Level 1 provider USLS BL1P.

Principal Investigator of the research group: Epidemiology and Public Health Emergencies. (Public Health Observatory Cantabria).

Member of the scientific committee of the Public Health Observatory Cantabria.

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