Martin Dres

Martin Dres

Dr Martin Dres, M.D.

Dr Martin Dres is Assistant Professor of Medical Critical Care at APHP. Sorbonne University in Paris, France. He has a background in respiratory physiology, with a particular focus on lung and heart interactions and mechanical ventilation.

Dr Martin Dres has developed a research program dedicated to diaphragm dysfunction and respiratory muscles explorations in the intensive care unit.

He contributed to the development of diaphragm ultrasound and diaphragm function assessment in the critically ill patients. He has authored and co-authored >100 publications related to mechanical ventilation, weaning failure and assessment of respiratory muscles in patients under mechanical ventilation.

He has collaborations with international (Toronto, Canada; Nijmegen, Netherlands, Bangkok, Thailand, Ferrare, Italy, PLUG network) and national (REVA network, Institut de Myologie, Paris) research teams.

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