Massimiliano Meineri

Massimiliano Meineri

Massimiliano Meineri, MD

Dr. Meineri’s main research interest is perioperative echocardiography, where he is particularly interested in intraoperative 3D echocardiography.

He has also been a significant contributor to the Arnold and Lynne Irwin Cardiovascular Anesthesia Imaging Centre. The centre is equipped with state of the art technology allowing analysis of 3D images using reconstruction and analytical software as well as creating 3D printable model of heart and heart valves.

An on-line module to teach 3D transesophageal echocardiograms (TEE) in the perioperative setting is currently in development.

Dr. Meineri organizes a yearly perioperative TEE national conference, the only one of its kind that attracts top speakers from across Canada and the US and participants from across the country.

Dr. Meineri’s group developed the first perioperative point of care ultrasound course in Toronto and they partner with Winfocus to introduce a certification pathway for point of care echocardiography in Canada. He led the curriculum development committee to introduce point of care ultrasound teaching in the anesthesia residency program at University of Toronto.

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