Mohd Fadhly

Mohd Fadhly

Dr Mohd Fadhly, MD, MMeD

Dr Mohammad Fadhly bin Yahya is a senior consultant Emergency Physician and Melaka Head of State for Emergency Medicine and Trauma Services.

He obtained his MD from National Unversity of a Malaysia in 1997, and completed his Masters in Emergency Medicine at Science Unversity of Malaysia in 2004. Subsequently he obtained a Fellowship in Emergency Critical Care and Critical Ultrasound with WINFOCUS INTERNATIONAL (Pavia, Italy) in 2013.

Currently he is the President of Society of Critical Care and Emergency Sonography (Malaysia).

He is passionate about teaching ultrasound and Emergency Critical Care and currently a honorarium lecturer for National University of Malaysia, University Malaya, Science Unversity of Malaysia and Melaka University College of Manipal.

He is also active in NGOs, and currently a medical advisor for St John Ambulance Malaysia (Melaka) and Bacang Charity.

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