Nayana Parange

Nayana Parange

Dr. Nayana Parange

Dr Parange is a Professorial Lead and Associate Professor of Medical Sonography from the University of South Australia in Adelaide.

She is a medical doctor with a PhD, with specialist training and qualifications in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, ultrasound, and education.

She has more than 25 years of experience in clinical ultrasound, education and training in diverse settings, ranging from primary health care to tertiary maternal fetal medicine setting.

Dr Parange has developed and delivered antenatal PoCUS workshops and mentored ultrasound expert trainers to teach life-saving point-of-care-ultrasound diagnostic skills to midwives and doctors across 14 countries (India, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Cambodia, Indonesia, Samoa, West Timor, East Timor, Cambodia, Lebanon, Ghana, Ethiopia, Namibia and some areas in remote Australia across 14 countries.

Her innovative contribution to ultrasound education and outreach in remote communities globally have led to significant recognition through many national and international awards and Fellowhips.

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