Peiman Nazerian

Peiman Nazerian

Peiman Nazerian, MD

Vice Director Emergency Department, Careggi University Hospital, Firenze

Diploma of Specialized Doctor in Internal Medicine subspecialty Emergency Medicine issued by the University of Florence, Firenze, Italy.

Doctor of Medicine and Surgery. Faculty of Medicine, University of Florence Firenze, Italy

Seventy-nine publications in peer-reviewed journals (scopus h-index 25), total impact factor 380.

Publication in high ranking journals: European Heart Journal (impact factor 29.98): Circulation (impact factor 29.69), Intensive Care Medicine (impact factor 19.18), British Medical Journal (IF 19.7), Critical Care (impact factor 9.45), Chest (impact factor 9.41), Thorax (impact factor 9.25), Archives of Internal Medicine (impact factor 8.41), Ultraschall in der Medizin-European Journal of Ultrasound (impact factor 6.54), Annals of Emergency Medicine (impact factor 5.72)

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