Rita Bertuetti

Rita Bertuetti

Dr. Rita Bertuetti, M.D.

Dr. Bertuetti is a Medical Doctor specialised in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine.

During the years of her education and training she has built a particular interest for Neurocritical care and developed specific skills on the use of brain ultrasound and advanced neuromonitoring techniques.

She currently works as an ICU consultant in the University Hospital in Brescia and previously in the Neurocritical Care Unit of Cambridge Hospital as clinical fellow.

She has been carrying on research projects on applications of brain ultrasound (Minerva Anestesiol. 2020) and non invasive assessment of intracranial pressure (Neurocritical Care 2015. doi:10.1007/s12028-015-0163-4; Critical Care (2017) 21:44; Acta Neurochir Suppl. 2018;126:69-73.)

She also attended as faculty member many dedicated courses and congresses (SIAARTI congress i2017 and 2018; SMART meeting Milan 2018, all edition of the SONIC course; ESA congress 2019).

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