Sharon Kay

Sharon Kay

Dr. Sharon Kay

Dr. Sharon Kay is a Cardiac Physiologist. She is also an affiliate senior lecturer – University of Sydney Medical Faculty – Northern Clinical School. 

Sharon designed and implemented Australia’s first Undergraduate full cardiac physiologist’s bachelor’s programme bringing our training in line with the rest of the world. This has been widely supported by our main body PICSA, accredited by ASAR and is graduating its first set of students after some 4 years of training, including at least 2500 hours clinical placement and 600hrs of in house training in all physiologist modalities EP, PPM, Echo, Cathlab to noninvasive measures. 

Sharon’s main interest and research are cardiotoxicity, athletes and structural heart, she performs this at Charles Perkins Centre and the Kolling institute. 

She is the founder of Structural heart disease Australia and resides on their board, she coordinates 2 symposiums a year which are streamed nationally and internationally and maintains the education hub that results from these meetings

She enjoys in her off time work in less privileged countries at the moment Myanmar, previously Timor Leste and Malawi. She spends 4 a of each year engaging in these trips as well as mentoring remotely teaching from these countries.

Sharon’s clinical employment consists of Australia’s first dedicated CardiOncology clinic catering to the North Shore of Sydney, started in 2008. One of her education passions is use of cardiac scanning in critical care 24/7 – she has designed and implemented the multiple hospital ICU College accredited echo physicians training program, this has been running now for 12 years and has been copied and replicated in many centres around Australia and internationally.

She is a national and international invited speaker and regularly designs and implements workshops at these conferences in Echocardiography from novice to advanced techniques.

Sharon is a firm believer in #FOAMed (Free open access medical education – breaking down the paywalls)

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