Stefano Paglia

Stefano Paglia

Stefano Paglia, MD

Head of the Emergency Department Lodi Hospital from 2020.

Head of A&E Lodi Hospital from 2014 Highly specialized in “Critical Patient Management in A&E Niguarda Hospital in Milan.

Advanced Aid Medical Doctor at 118 since 2009. Specialization in internal medicine at University of Milan Degree in Medicine and Surgery, University of Milan.

Instructor SIMEU and Winfocus from 2008. Since 2017 National Coordinator of SIMEU Ecoguided Vascular Access Courses

Since 2013 SIMEU Eco-guided vascular access course director USVA. Since 2014 Course Director Eco Base SIMEU
Since 2013 Course Director USLS Winfocus Course Director USGVA

Tutor of the School of Specialization in Internal Medicine, University of Milan, academic years from 2011 to 2014 Tutor of the School of Specialization in Emergency Medicine, University of Milan Bicocca, academic from years 2012 to 2014

Tutor of the graduate school in Emergency Medicine University of Pavia academic years from 2015

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