Tanja Gulic

Tanja Gulic

Dr.Tatjana Golob Gulič 

My name is Tatjana Golob Gulič, born 1965; I am Senior Consultant in Cardiology , currently working in Srce in ožilje, Cardiology outpatient clinics in Maribor, Slovenia.

I have finished my medical degree in 1991 in University of Ljubljana, my postgraduate education on Cardiology in y.2000 in Slovenia.

Since then I have been devoted to Echocardiography, I got my first EAE accreditation on Transthoracic Echocardiography in y. 2005, since 2006 I have been a board member of Slovenian Working group of Echocardiograpy, part of Slovenian School of Echocardiography; since 2009 I have been involved in Winfocus educational process on Focused Cardiac ultrasound in Slovenia and around the world.

My scientific work was dedicated to valvular heart disease in the view of FOCUS: Pocket-size imaging device as a screening tool for aortic stenosis. Gulic TG, Makuc J, Prosen G, Dinevski D.Wien Klin Wochenschr. 2016 May;128(9-10):348-53.

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