Xiuling Shang

Xiuling Shang

Xiuling Shang, MD, PhD

Vice director, Department of Critical Care Medicine, Fujian Provincial Hospital Visiting scholar, State University of New York, buffalo City, NY, USA.

Committee, the youth committee of the critical care medical branch, Chinese Medical Association.

Standing Committee, the working committee, Chinese Critical Care Ultrasound Study Group.

Member, the Chinese Association of Female Physicians Young Committee, the pancreatic specialty group, the Chinese Research Hospital Society.

Standing Committee, section on critical care medicine, Fujian Medical Association; Vice director, Fujian working group, Chinese Critical Care Ultrasound Group.

Specialize in: Diagnosis and treatment of sepsis, ARDS, severe neurological diseases and severe acute pancreatitis.
Academic Attainments in: Critical care hemodynamic management, critical care ultrasound.

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