Young-Rock Ha

Young-Rock Ha

Dr. Young-Rock, Ha, M.D.

Critical Care Medicine, Seongnam Citizens Medical Center, Seongnam, Korea. Ex-President, Society of Emergency and Critical Care Imaging (SECCI)

Dr. Young-Rock Ha is an emergency physician and also a certified critical care physician and echocardiographer in Korea. He has started working for the department of Critical Care Medicine in Seongnam Citizens Medical Center since 2020.

He is the vice president of Korean society of critical care medicine (KSCCM) and ex-president of Society of Emergency and Critical Care Imaging (SECCI) in Korea.

He has actively involved in developing many POCUS workshops, researches, and emergency & critical care imaging education programs in Korea.

Internationally he has taken part in many kinds of ultrasound workshops including USLS, WBE, WMTBE, and WBLUS of WINFOCUS and AACES in Singapore. He participated in a chapter author of the textbooks of KSEM (Korean society of Emergency Medicine), KSCCM, KST (Korean society of traumatology), and KSE (Korean society of echocardiography).

Graduated from Yonsei University Medical College – Certified Emergency physician (KSEM) – Certified Critical Care Physician (KSCCM) – Certified physician for Echocardiography (KSECHO)

Ex-President, Society of Emergency and Critical Care Imaging (SECCI) – Board of Director, Korean Society of Emergency Medicine (KSEM) – Vice president, Korean Society of Critical Care Medicine (KSCCM) – Delegate, Korean Society of Traumatology – The chair of workshop committee of ICEM 2019. – Faculty and instructor, Essential Surgical Procedures in Trauma (ESPIT) in Korea. – Faculty and instructor, USLS BL1P, USLS AL1P, WBE, WMTBE and WBLUS of WINFOCUS (World Interactive Network of Focused Critical Ultrasound) – International faulty of AACES in Singapore. –

Developer of SEARCH 9Es (Sonographic Evaluation of Aetiology for Respiratory difficulty, Chest pain, or Hypotension using 9Es) course in Korea. – Ultrasound chapter author of the Korean text books of Trauma (Korean Society of Traumatology), Emergency Medicine (Korean Society of Emergency Medicine), Echocardiography (Korean Society of Echocardiography), and Critical care medicine (Korean Society of Critical Care Medicine).

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